HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

Hire. Train. Retain.

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Hire. Train. Retain.
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If you have employees, you’re obliged to comply with employment legislation and Human Resources best practice, with or without an internal HR department.

But when it comes to HR, there’s no one size fits all. Whilst policies and procedures are cut and dry, your employees are not. When the two collide, there can be heavy financial consequences, not to mention the threat to your company’s reputation. Get the balance right, however, and your workforce can become your most valuable asset.

This is where Wasla HR Outsourcing and training comes into its own. We’re a big believer in the power of one-on-one. Getting to know your business and its people before we offer any HR assistance is fundamental to achieving fantastic results. Our expert knowledge combined with this very personal, hands-on approach is something our clients truly value and why we have a 95% client retention rate.



One of the biggest ways we can save you money is time. Every minute that you spend on recruitment is a minute less spent on other areas of the business. Recruitment is an incredibly time-consuming endeavour,  There’s the initial task of writing and publishing the job advert, trawling through all the responses (CVS, covering letters, portfolios), arranging, preparing for and conducting interviews, and negotiating the final package offer. If you can’t dedicate sufficient time to the process, it will simply take longer and the position will remain unfilled.

By outsourcing your recruitment requirements to Wasla, we are able to streamline the entire process.



Our soft skills training designed to make sure that each individual receives excellent support and guidance, whilst also allowing for productive and insightful group discussions. We are more than happy to deliver our training at your workplace or at Wasla premises.

Each of our training courses is led by an expert in that area. Our soft skills training leaders have years of real life experience, and keep up to date with the latest industry developments. This not only gives their thoughts and opinions greater weight, but also puts them in an excellent position to answer any questions you might have.



Wasla’s personnel and payroll outsourcing solutions empower our clients to cut costs, increase quality and to concentrate their stretched financial and managerial resources on growing their core business. Years of experience have taught us that payroll services transcends abstract numbers as ordinary personnel administration tasks have an extraordinary impact on people lives. That is why dozens of leading companies entrust Wasla for flawless fulfillment of these essential, yet noncore, functions.

Wasla provides flexible solutions to meet our customers exact requirements.

We make it easy to BE A GREAT EMPLOYER

  • Benefits of HR Outsourcing

    Wasla’s outsourced HR services have bottom-line performance at their core. We will:

    • Free up your time, to allow you to focus on what you do best
    • Ensure HR legal compliance to avoid costly errors
    • Implement HR best practice, to get the most from your teams
    • Implement necessary HR policy changes
    • Be proactive, to grow your business from the inside out
  • We surround you in HR EXPERTISE

    You shouldn’t have to wait until you can afford to hire a full-service HR team before enjoying its value to your business. When you outsource with Wasla, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team of HR subject matter experts to implement HR programs, mitigate organizational risk, advise and develop your supervisors and employees, and administer employee benefits and payroll. Our team of HR experts are dedicated to optimizing your human capital investments.

  • We take the burden of HR

    Why are you spending your valuable time bogged down in HR administration when you can be focused on doing what you do best? Offload the burden of HR to Wasla and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employment practices are compliant, best-in-class, and handled by experienced HR professionals who are friendly, eager to provide assistance, and always have your best interest in mind.

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