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Contact Center

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A 24/7 EGY Based Contact Center

Your Customer is our Priority
A Better Customer Experience
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From Fortune 100+ companies to Start-Ups, we provide an exceptional customer experience and deliver measurable value.

From smarter software to specialized agent training, our multi-channel expertise encourages engagement that increases satisfaction and drives conversion.

Call center solutions do more than just provide answers to customer inquiries and close sales. Wasla’s proven outsourced inbound and outbound call center solution offers full functionality and services focused on efficiency. Thanks to our intelligent technology and the best trained live agents in the industry – for any industry – Wasla Outsourcing is the preferred choice for inbound and outbound call centers everywhere.



Customer care allows a company to maximize the lifetime value of each and every customers by providing superior post-sales service 24 hours a day 7 days a week including Welcome Calls, First Line Tele-Support, Second Line Tele-Support, Complaints Handling, and Debt Collection.


Prospecting helps businesses effectively and efficiently identify target, potential customers guaranteeing better sales and return on investment including General Information, Product Information, Advertisement Response, Campaign Management, Database Building, Validation & Profiling , Events Traffic generation, and Tele-Research.

Customer acquisition & Value Growth

Customer Acquisition allows companies to efficiently acquire customers & fulfill customer sales orders & boosting revenues including Response to Advertisement, Tele-sales, Lead Generation, & Order Management. Customer Value Growth is about enriching customer-product mix; increasing revenue; & maintaining customer life cycle including Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Anti-Attrition Calls, Distribution Channel Follow-Up, & Satisfaction Surveys.


Lead Qualification

Fast track your lead and sales funnel with our expertise to engage your callers to ensure prospects turn into customers.

Customer Service

We are a true extension of your company that provides professionalism and knowledge for an exceptional customer experience.

Order Taking

Available 24/7 to answer questions and process customers’ orders and payments. Always friendly, and always reliable. That is our promise.

Reservation Services

We’ve specialized in reservation services for multiple industries and have established a proven model of success for over 15 years

Media Support

We provide a seamless communication channel to your DR and marketing campaigns through our vast expertise.

Telesales & Upsells

We can help identify, engage and convert new leads with our vast experience in closing the deal with our experienced team.

Complaint Handling

When a customer is angry or unhappy with your service, we resolve their complaint as quickly as possible and turn them back into a loyal customer.

Satisfaction Surveys

If you’re looking to gauge how your customers feel about your organization, a customer satisfaction survey can help to determine your best practices.

Database Building

We provide error-free database management services. We make this is possible by leveraging some of the latest tools and technologies along with a streamlined process.


Results count. See our exceptional performance demonstrated daily through our people, processes and technology.

Number of Agents
Recruited and Trained in 30 Days
40 hrs
Training Hours
Dedicated Agent Training Duration
Service Level Agreements
Over 90% SLA Achievement

We improve your customer experience and brand reputation

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